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HasanAbi & DJ Danarchy – Losing My Mind

New Danarchy track featuring HasanAbi vocals

New DJ Danarchy track “Losing My Mind,” samples and manipulates Hasan Piker‘s (HasanAbi) twitch commentary and reactions into a lead vocal track.

The song is also on tiktok here:


@hasanabi X DJ Danarchy – Losing My Mind

♬ Losing My Mind feat Hasan Piker – DJ Danarchy

DJ Danarchy is finally on Spotify

Rayyvana Theme Song by DJ Danarchy (NSFW)

This is the theme song for twitch politics streamer “Rayyvana.”

Harry Potter Remix by Danarchy

Harry Potter Remix – Danarchy’s Unreleased 2017 Promo Instrumental for Brooms and Brews For some reason, I never posted this instrumental back when I made it, but this is a signature Danarchy-style Trap Metal remix of some Harry Potter melodies without the goofy voiceover promoting Brooms and Brews‘ 2017 “The Pub Crawl That Must NotContinue Reading

Danarchy’s Majority Report Fun Half Theme – Video Remix by One Bored Editor

“One Bored Editor” video remix of Danarchy’s Majority Report Fun Half Theme (NSFW Language)

DJ Danarchy at Al’s Place in NE MPLS every Friday & Saturday night

Come catch DJ Danarchy every Friday & Saturday night from 10-close at Al’s Place (above Stanley’s Northeast Bar Room) in NE MPLS. Al’s Place is a speakeasy restaurant & bar, so I ditch the trap and dubstep bangers for a bit and play jazz/swing-influenced hiphop earlier in the evening – but once the dinner crowdContinue Reading

#LeftIsBest Video Remix of DJ Danarchy’s Do Not Freak Out

The original audio version of “Do Not Freak Out” featured Jimmy Dore’s 2016 catchphrase as well as various grunts and laughs from The Young Turks’ Cenk Uyger and Ana Kasparian and was intended to be an uplifting track for the online progressive community. This 2019 video remix by browntsuga and the #LeftIsBest Youtube channel expertly re-imaginesContinue Reading

The Michael Brooks Show (TMBS) Intro w/ Vocals (NSFW)

The Michael Brooks Show – TMBS Intro theme music – featuring vocals from “Right-Wing Mandela,” “Nation of Islam Obama,” Sam Seder, Ben Shapiro and more! Free download of the track here: Listen to TMBS Intro Theme w/ Vox byDanarchy on    TMBS on YouTube TMBS Patreon

“Shout-Out” Theme for The Michael Brooks Show

Download this ringtone-length version of the TMBS Shout-Out Theme here: TMBS on Patreon Majority Report Youtube Page

New theme song for “The Dissident Peasant” podcast!!!

As the official DJ representing the “League of Extraordinarily Progressive Southern Gentlemen,” I was proud to produce the new Dissident Peasant theme song. It features a cacophony of vocal samples from some of the best, and worst people in politics, including: The Dissident Peasant host, Jeff his Dudeness, Sam Seder and the Majority Report Crew, Donald Trump, Alex Jones,Continue Reading