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#LeftIsBest Video Remix of DJ Danarchy’s Do Not Freak Out

The original audio version of “Do Not Freak Out” featured Jimmy Dore’s 2016 catchphrase as well as various grunts and laughs from The Young Turks’ Cenk Uyger and Ana Kasparian and was intended to be an uplifting track for the online progressive community.

This 2019 video remix by browntsuga and the #LeftIsBest Youtube channel expertly re-imagines Danarchy’s 2016 Democratic Primary pro-Bernie track as a vehicle for highlighting the hollow, mind-numbing and repetitive exercises of faux ideological purity from pundits who have no vested interest in understanding how actual political achievements are being made, and will be made by the progressive movement.


Or, it’s just super dope editing. Who knows…either way, check it out:


The Michael Brooks Show (TMBS) Intro w/ Vocals (NSFW)

The Michael Brooks Show – TMBS Intro theme music – featuring vocals from “Right-Wing Mandela,” “Nation of Islam Obama,” Sam Seder, Ben Shapiro and more! Free download of the track here: Listen to TMBS Intro Theme w/ Vox byDanarchy on hearthis.at    TMBS on YouTube TMBS Patreon

“Shout-Out” Theme for The Michael Brooks Show

Download this ringtone-length version of the TMBS Shout-Out Theme here: TMBS on Patreon Majority Report Youtube Page

New theme song for “The Dissident Peasant” podcast!!!

As the official DJ representing the “League of Extraordinarily Progressive Southern Gentlemen,” I was proud to produce the new Dissident Peasant theme song. It features a cacophony of vocal samples from some of the best, and worst people in politics, including: The Dissident Peasant host, Jeff his Dudeness, Sam Seder and the Majority Report Crew, Donald Trump, Alex Jones,Continue Reading

Danarchy & Ced Linus’ Game of Thrones-inspired hip-hop

To celebrate the new #GOT season, here are a couple tracks off an unfinished Game Of Thrones-inspired project, The Empire Remains, which Ced Linus, Pledge Empire Records and I started a few years ago (long before there was an official HBO-commissioned hiphop album).   Listen to Harrenhallway Out – Ced Linus & Danarchy byDanarchy onContinue Reading

Wannabe (Danarchy’s Dinkytown Twerk Remix) – Spice Girls

Wannabe (Danarchy’s Dinkytown Twerk Remix) – Spice Girls This is the UMN Library Bar edit of DJ Danarchy’s Twerk/Trap/Hip-Hop remix of “Wannabe” by the Spice Girls. You can find free downloads of DJ Danarchy’s instrumentals, remixes and mashups here: Danarchy’s Hearthis.at Page and Danarchy’s Digital DJ Pool Tracks  

Danarchy Mash-ups: “Haram Live The Chief” & “Need You To Shake It”

Jidenna – Long Live the Chief X Zwirek – Haram Listen to Haram Live the Chief (Danarchy Mash-Up) 93BPM byDanarchy on hearthis.at  Luke Bryan – Shake It For Me X Dillon Francis & NGHTMRE – Need You (YOOKiE Remix) I know, I know, Hear me out on this one… Listen to Luke Bryan X Dillon Francis &Continue Reading

TYT Network’s Jimmy Dore Theme: “Don’t Freak Out” by Danarchy

TYT Network’s Jimmy Dore – “Don’t Freak Out” Theme by Danarchy Productions: Danarchy featuring Jimmy Dore (The Young Turks & The Jimmy Dore Show) This is an original production that samples Jimmy Dore saying his signature catchphrase from the 2016 democratic primary election season; Don’t Freak Out!   As heard on The Jimmy Dore Show (TYT Network):Continue Reading

Free Downloads: DJ Danarchy’s mixes at Red Bull Crashed Ice tailgate event in Dinkytown

Now available for download: two hour+ sections from Danarchy’s Crashed Ice sets at The Library Bar in Dinkytown on the U of MN campus:          

Danarchy’s new tracks at Hearthis.at!

Danarchy Productions’ profile, free downloads and more at Hearthis.at Danarchy’s DJ Tools and Library remixes and mash-ups are now available on the Danarchy Productions Hearthis.at profile!