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New 100% Original Film Score Hip Hop Instrumental by Danarchy

100% Original Film Score/Hip Hop Instrumental by Danarchy. This is one of my “film score hip hop” instrumentals from “The Empire Remains”, a mixtape being put out by Pledge Empire Records.

Danarchy Productions – A Man Without Honor (Film-Score/Hip-Hop)


“The Empire Remains” takes direct inspiration from, and seeks to pay tribute to, the literary series/television series, “A Game Of Thrones.” This mixtape creates a new style and unique sub-genre of music by combining contemporary styles of hiphop with film score style compositions.

Inspired by various characters and themes from “A Game of Thrones”, the instrumentals on this mixtape transition between hip hop beats and film score style music and are all composed and produced by Danarchy Productions.

An update:
After a long delay, we are finally finishing up tracking vocals and mixing the first part of the mixtape. The first track should hopefully be dropping pretty soon! Winter is coming…

Thanks for checking this track out!

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