Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop Instrumentals by Danarchy Productions

Hip-Hop Film Score Instrumental Preview of The Empire Remains Mixtape from Pledge Empire Records

Hey Y’all, check out this hip-hop film score instrumental preview of The Empire Remains Mixtape from Pledge Empire Records and Danarchy Productions.   This is a demo track I produced that was not selected for the mixtape, so I am releasing it to give everyone a small glimpse into one of the types of filmContinue Reading

Coast 2 Coast Instrumentals Volume 40 – Hosted By DJ Pain 1 – Featuring a “Trap Metal” beat by Danarchy

Hey y’all, a few months ago, I entered one of my “trap metal” beats in a competition where the winning producers got the chance to be featured on “Coast 2 Coast Instrumentals Volume 40” hosted by my homie DJ Pain 1 (producer for Young Jeezy, Yo Gotti, Meek Mill, Young Money, Jim Jones, 50 Cent,Continue Reading

Jason Derulo It Girl Remix by Danarchy Productions

Jason Derulo It Girl Remix by Danarchy Productions The video also contains info and visuals from my upcoming mixtape with Pledge Empire Records, called “The Empire Remains”. Watch/listen in hi-def to get the full effect (audio is also improved at 720p)! The video contains a blurred shot of my Logic project file’s arrange window forContinue Reading

Pop-Punk/Metal remix of Jason Derulo’s “It Girl” by Danarchy Productions

Danarchy’s all original Punk/Rock/Metal Remix of Jason Derulo’s “It Girl.” This is my first version of the track, so, if you hear something you think I should change or do differently, lemme know your suggestions! This is essentially how my brain hears pop music… as pop-punk/cheesy metal. I like to use studio a cappella recordingsContinue Reading

Dance/Pop Instrumentals – 3 Song Preview Mix

Hey y’all, here is a 3 song mix of some new dance/pop/electronic tracks that I have been working on lately.  I’ve got quite a few more tracks in the works that are along these lines.  With the assistance of David Whiteside of P5 Audio, I am pitching tracks like these to a couple network tv shows,Continue Reading

Danarchy at MN Top Producer Beat Battle 2012

Danarchy’s trap metal beats and more from the MN’s Top Producer Beat Battle 2012 hosted by Pledge Empire Records (@pledgeempire) and Nicademus (@Nicademus1).

New Hip Hop Beat (Trap Metal) by Danarchy – 3 Days Straight

Hey y’all, welcome to the new Danarchy Productions website! I am happy to announce that one of my signature “trap metal” beats is featured on “Got Instrumentals 36”, which has already been viewed over 120,000 times on DatPiff and has over 100,000 listens at GotInstrumentals.com! My beat is called “3 Days Straight” and is trackContinue Reading

Got Instrumentals 34: 120,000+ Views on DatPiff! 180,000+ plays on Gotinstrumentals.com!

I’ve got a “trap metal” beat on this tape! Track number 56, “Die Tomorrow” is a trap metal banger.Like all of my trap metal beats, this is an all original Danarchy Production – no loops or samples used and no stock/factory presets used.In my productions like this one, I do everything from programming the synths, drumsContinue Reading

Danarchy at the Minneapolis iStandard Producer Showcase

Danarchy’s 5 minute set at the iStandard Producer Showcase – Minneapolis Style on November 15, 2011.    Track one is missing from this video, but a high quality audio version of Danarchy’s full (all 5 tracks) iStandard 11/15 Producer Showcase set can be found here: http://djdanarchy.blogspot.com/2011/11/blog-post.html This video contains tracks 2-5 from Danarchy’s set (detailsContinue Reading

Danarchy’s iStandard Producer Showcase Set

Here’s my 5 minute set from the “iStandard Producer Showcase – Minneapolis Style” on November 15th, 2011, judged by producers DJ Pain 1 and Buckwild. This is mixed and (over)compressed for playback on a nightclub sound system, which prolly has bigger subs than whatever system you listen to this on, so you might need toContinue Reading