Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop Instrumentals by Danarchy Productions

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I’ve got a “trap metal” beat on this tape! Track number 56, “Die Tomorrow” is a trap metal banger.Like all of my trap metal beats, this is an all original Danarchy Production – no loops or samples used and no stock/factory presets used.In my productions like this one, I do everything from¬†programming the synths, drumsContinue Reading

Danarchy at the Minneapolis iStandard Producer Showcase

Danarchy’s 5 minute set at the iStandard Producer Showcase – Minneapolis Style on November 15, 2011.¬†   Track one is missing from this video, but a high quality audio version of Danarchy’s full (all 5 tracks) iStandard 11/15 Producer Showcase set can be found here: http://djdanarchy.blogspot.com/2011/11/blog-post.html This video contains tracks 2-5 from Danarchy’s set (detailsContinue Reading

Danarchy’s iStandard Producer Showcase Set

Here’s my 5 minute set from the “iStandard Producer Showcase – Minneapolis Style” on November 15th, 2011, judged by producers DJ Pain 1 and Buckwild. This is mixed and (over)compressed for playback on a nightclub sound system, which prolly has bigger subs than whatever system you listen to this on, so you might need toContinue Reading