#LeftIsBest Video Remix of DJ Danarchy’s Do Not Freak Out

The original audio version of “Do Not Freak Out” featured Jimmy Dore’s 2016 catchphrase as well as various grunts and laughs from The Young Turks’ Cenk Uyger and Ana Kasparian and was intended to be an uplifting track for the online progressive community.

This 2019 video remix by browntsuga¬†and the #LeftIsBest Youtube channel expertly re-imagines Danarchy’s 2016 Democratic Primary pro-Bernie track as a vehicle for highlighting the hollow, mind-numbing and repetitive exercises of faux ideological purity from pundits who have no vested interest in understanding how actual political achievements are being made, and will be made by the progressive movement.


Or, it’s just super dope editing. Who knows…either way, check it out:


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