Hip-Hop, R&B and Pop Instrumentals by Danarchy Productions

Pop-Punk/Metal remix of Jason Derulo’s “It Girl” by Danarchy Productions

Danarchy’s all original Punk/Rock/Metal Remix of Jason Derulo’s “It Girl.”

This is my first version of the track, so, if you hear something you think I should change or do differently, lemme know your suggestions!

This is essentially how my brain hears pop music… as pop-punk/cheesy metal.

I like to use studio a cappella recordings as much as possible, but I couldn’t find one for this song, so this version of the vocals has quite a bit noise that I tried to remove/cover up, but yeah, I recorded/played/programmed all the music. No loops or sampling (I programmed drums and bass using Kontakt in Logic/Logic’s EXS 24)…

Like a couple of the other rock remixes I have posted, this is a remix I started, moved to a hard drive and then never finished…Until today!
Unlike some of the other remixes I have lost and then found, this was far from completion, so I did most of the recording and programming for this remix over the last 24 hours.

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